Tuesday, April 25, 2017

neah bay lingcod and bottom fish

We had another great week fishing for lingcod and bottom fish .
The overall fishing for both lingcod and rock fish has been very good
The weather continues to be an issue but even with the poor conditions we are catching lots of nice fish.
We had our best results this week on jigs for both lings and bass, both were biting very well this week.




Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Deep water lingcod and bottom fish

Deepwater lingcod is in full swing at Neah bay.

The weather has final calmed down enough for us to get out after those those tasty critters!

The overall weather was ok this week but it did get very nasty at times

The overall fishing was good this week. the lingcod fishing  was fish after fish and times and  other times we had to work a bit for them.

the bass fishing was very good  with several fish on at once most of the time.

Jigs were working best for us this weekend, having the right size lures and the right colors were making a big difference this week.

The fishing should continue to be great for the next few weeks



Monday, January 30, 2017

Wynoochee Hatchery & wild steelhead

There are a good mix of hatchery and wild steelhead in most of Aberdeen area rivers
We had very good conditions this weekend with  good visibility and the rivers  were on  the drop.
We had  our best  luck on shrimp and plugs but there are fish being caught with a number of  set-ups right now.
The fishing on the coastal rivers should continue to be good for  hatchery and wild steelhead for a few more weeks before it switches to mainly wild fish .
I hope to see you on the water soon.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hatchery Steelhead for Christmas !

The overall fishing was good this weekend.
There is a good number of hatchery steelhead and a few silvers  around right now.

The weekends started off cold and slow with a blast of winter weather but as soon as the weather warmed up a bit the fish were right back on the bite.

The silvers should  start to wind down soon but it is prime time for hatchery steelhead and the wild steelhead should be hear any day.

I still a have some January trips available If you are looking to catch some steelhead.



Monday, December 19, 2016

Olympic peninsula steelhead and salmon

Steelhead season is now in prime time and fishing has been very good.

the hatchery steelhead are  larger than normal this year, and I am hoping we will  see the same thing when the wild fish show up.

There are still a good number are silvers around also ,but we have been having to sort throw a few to find bright ones.

The overall fishing is very good right now and I expect it to continue for the next several weeks.

We have been catching fish on jig and bobber, twitching jigs, spinners and plugs

I have dates available  if you are looking to get out fishing

Todd Girtz






Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hatchery silvers and steelhead

There are still chrome bright silvers around and the steelhead are finally hear in good numbers.
The silvers will be around for a couple more weeks and it is prime time for hatchery steelhead on many of our rivers.
The rain and high water continues to be an issue but every time the water drops the fishing has been good.
We have been catching the silvers on spinners, plugs, and jigs , and the steelhead have been taking, jigs, bait, and plugs.


Monday, November 21, 2016


Due to all the rain the coastal rivers have been very high this year and I continue to cancel more days then I fish, but the fish are there in good numbers.
Every time the rivers drop into shape the fishing has been good.

Right now there is a good mix of big wild and hatchery silvers around and a few kings that must be released, the chums are pretty much done for the year and the steelhead should be showing up any day.

We have been having our best luck casting spinners and fishing eggs under a bobber. The rivers are high right now but should be very good when they drop back in.

I look forward to seeing you guys out there!