Monday, June 11, 2018

Big halibut, big lingcod, and nice bottom fish at Neah bay!

The Deepwater fishing was great at  neah bay this week!
We saw a little bit of everything weather wise.
At times it was sunny and nice and at other times it was downright nasty; dumping  rain and howling winds!
The overall deep water fishing was excellent but not easy at times: windy, rainy, choppy , and a major dog fish invasion made conditions a bit tough at times but our overall results were outstanding!
We had our best luck for lingcod with jigs and grubs.  Good fresh bait accounted for most of our halibut.
While the off shore fishing was great the near shore fishing was much tougher, the rock fish bit well on shrimp flys , grubs and darts but the near shore lings where very tough to find this week, pipe jigs, twin tail scampi’s, and lancers jigs worked best for us.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Neah bay halibut, lingcod, & bottom fish!

We had a great time at Neah bay this week!

the eagles were out in full force this week it was cool to see so many up and flying at once time.

The overall water and weather conditions were very good

the  offshore  fishing was very good for nice sized halibut and lingcod,

The near shore bass were biting very well also but we really had to work for our near shore lings

Bait was working best for the halibut, while jigs were working best for the lings and bass

Hope to see you all on the water soon.


Monday, May 14, 2018

halibut,lingcod, sable fish,rockfish and more!

We fished Westport ( halibut, lingcod and bottom fish)  and ilwaco (halibut and sable fish) this week and fishing was good at both locations
 At times the fishing was smoking hot and at other times we had to work to get  them to bite.
The weather this week was a lot like the fishing, blowing like crazy one day and flat calm the next
Jigs were working best for us  this week, the upcoming weather looks great and I expect the bottom fishing  to continue to be good for the next several weeks
Hope to see you on the water soon!