Monday, August 8, 2011

Westport Lings and Salmon 8-6-11 & 8-7-11

Mike L, Eric C, Rob S,  jason A ,and I fished Westport on Saturday 8-6-11 and Sunday 8-7-11
On Saturday there was a good salmon bite early with a nice mix of kings ,pinks, and silvers but by about 10 am the bite slowed and  the salmon fishing became tough. After a couple hours of slow salmon fishing we switched gears to bottom fishing.
The lingcod fishing was great! Lots of fish and plenty of big ones!
 On Sunday we were back after the salmon and the bite was off!
It was scratch fishing, with slow reports across the fleet. After a few hours of  slow salmon fishing we went back after the bottom fish.
The ling cod fishing was smoking hot!   Tons of fish and lots of big ones.  Our two biggest of the day were 30 & 32 pounds. After we limited on lings we headed back to the salmon grounds were we found a huge school of birds pounding the water and no one around. We dropped our gear in and it did not take long before we had doubles on. we were able to call  a few friends over and we enjoyed the good fishing for about 1 ½ hours. we  hooked some doubles and even one triple before the birds disappeared and the fishing slowed again.
The over all feel for this weekend was the salmon fishing was slow but there were some very nice fish being caught . The tuna reports were very slow and the bottom fishing was super hot.

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