Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July,4 weekend Neah bay & La push

I fished  the ocean Thursday june,30 through July 4 ,  we had a 4 man crew Thursday – Sunday and a 3 man crew on Monday. I was joined By Rob S, Jason A, Don C, Rob  L , and Dave S throughout the extended weekend. The weather was great! We had dry days and calm seas almost the whole time

We started our weekend  at neah bay on Thursday for the area 4 halibut opener. Thursdays  fishing started good and continued that way all day. We
ended the day with a very nice batch of fish. Our halibut were 80, 50, 45, and 40 pounds  we also had a nice limit of lings with our biggest  ones  in the upper 20’s  and we had our limits of rock fish to complete the day.

On Friday it was off to Canada  where we found limits of halibut and salmon. The silver fishing was hot! we had several times where we had multiple fish on at the same time and we even found a few kings. We caught fish on the top , mid water and down deep it seemed like we could not go wrong.

Saturday  was back to Canada. Fishing was a bit slower but still good we limited on  a mixed  bag of silvers and kings and also caught our limits of rock fish

Sunday we headed to area 2 for limits of black cod/rock fish. Our black cod were very nice sized, biggest ones were right at 20 pounds.

Monday we headed back up north to area 3 where were found some great salmon fishing. It was red hot! We caught easy limits of kings, silvers and pinks!  The kings seemed to be deep but the silvers and pinks seemed to be all over the water column . we also picked up our limits of rock fish to end the the day

It was a great 5 days of fishing,  I cannot wait to get back out on the water!

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  1. Todd. Great blog. Its cool to see another local guy doing this. Drop me an E-Mail kerry@GHfishin.com and maybe I can help you get some things started.