Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Garibaldi Tuna & Salmon 9/2/11 - 9/5/11

We fished Garibaldi Oregon this weekend 9/2/11 - 9/5/11
On Friday and Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to fish with Bo Palmer  and team defiance on their 29’ Guadalupe. This boat is a tuna killing machine! With its huge bait tank,  tons of deck space and a massive fuel tank it makes this boat tough to beat.
On Sunday and Monday we jumped back on my boat to finish off the weekend.
The overall fishing was on the slow side this weekend but we fished hard and ended up with a good batch of fish.
On Friday we  pre-fished for the Oregon tuna classic  our intent was to find a batch of big fish  for Saturdays derby. Despite poor weather 20+ knot winds all day, we were able to do just that. We found a nice batch of big fish at the end of the day that was was just what we were looking for.
There was tons of birds,  good  temp  and great color in that area,  things were looking good for Saturday
On Saturday the winds were still howling! Again 20+ knot winds all day.  When we returned to  the area where we had caught fish the day before the water had cooled 3 degrees and the color had turned green crap! We fished the area for a while till we decided to head west.  After a few miles we found a great color break with a 3 degree temp break  and a impressive kelp line where the birds were pounding the water.  We thought we were going to kill them but we never did. It was the slowest tuna fishing I had ever seen! For the whole derby there were only 28 tuna weighed and the top boat only had 8 fish.
After our slow day on Sunday we changed our approach a bit and started the  day salmon fishing we  landed four salmon 2 kings and two silver  before we decided to head back out to the tuna grounds.  When We arrived in the area from the day before the tuna were biting. We were able to land A nice  batch  of good sized tuna before we ran out of day light and had to settled in for the ride back  to Garibaldi.
On Monday we were back after the salmon the fishing was not red hot but it was steady we worked hard and picked up our limits of salmon and were even able to  ended our weekend with a triple.
This was my first trip to Garibaldi and I am defiantly planning to return.


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