Monday, October 24, 2011

Westport Tuna 10-23-11

I  fished Westport  on 10-24-11 with my dad Chuck, Scott, Matt, and Nick.
Although the bar had large breakers on the north and south sides on the way in and  out  the ocean conditions were great!
If I had not looked at the calendar I would have thought it was the middle of July.
Most of the water out on the tuna grounds was a nice blue color and the  temp from the beach to 125.05 was all running about the same  57.3 deg  with a few small patches of 57.9 which made finding the fish a bit more  difficult than normal.
Our morning started off very slow. We searched all over with very little sign of  life, then Wayne on the see Ya  gave us the call we were hoping for.
Thanks for the help Wayne!
They had good birds , were marking  lots of fish, had jumpers and were hooking up!
After a quick fuel calculation we were on our way. We spotted a few single jumpers on our way, but could not get them to bite. We quickly gave up on them and were back on our way. When we arrived at Wayne’s location  we found  scattered schools of tuna and lots of birds. We worked that area   for the rest of the day and ended up boating 28 tuna.
It was another great day on the water.

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