Monday, July 30, 2012

105 Westport tuna!

Wow what a great weekend of fishing!

A special  thanks  and congratulations to team defiance for leading us to the fish and for winning the ilwaco derby  in the process with a 10 fish weight of 258.9 pounds and the big fish of the derby a 39.15 pound monster. Way to go guys!

Mike L, Eric C, Steve E, Brad M, and I headed to Westport with as much ice as we could haul and it was a good thing we did!
The water was flat calm and the fish were on the bite both Saturday and Sunday
On Saturday we had a very good start to the morning, the fishing died in the afternoon, but we were still able to end the day with 45 fish in the box
On Sunday the fishing was even better. The bite was  good  most of the day but the morning and evening bites were definitely the best. We ended the day with an even 60 fish in the boat and a total of 105 for the weekend
We caught  most of our fish on live bait but we also had success trolling x-raps , cedar plugs and casting swim baits
It looks like it is going to be a great Summer!


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