Monday, August 13, 2012

Westport Tuna 8-11-12

We had a five man crew at Westport this weekend 8-11-12  &  8-12-12
I was joined by  Ed T,  Cory B,  Brian S and Jacob B
Although the bar conditions were excellent and there was only a  small swell The overall weather conditions were poor due to strong winds and 5 feet of chop.
Despite the poor water conditions the tuna fishing was great. we caught 42 tuna on Saturday. We landed  about half of our fish on the troll and the other half on live bait.
The fish seemed very aggressive on both the troll and live bait
I have no doubt that if weather conditions would have been better we would have had some epic bait stops!

On Sunday we  switched gears and went after salmon . The salmon fishing was very poor on Sunday we managed to scrap up a few but overall it was some of the worst salmon fishing I had seen at Westport.There were a few nice kings being caught in 15 to 40 feet of water both north and south along the beach  and a few silvers out in 260+ feet of water but there did not seem to be any huge concentrations of salmon anywhere near Westport.  After starting the morning fishing the beach we searched all over off shore  on Sunday but were not able to find any of the large schools of bait we were looking for.

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