Monday, October 15, 2012

Sekiu Silvers

Mike L, Eric C, Joe and I fished Sekiu Sat  10-13-12 and Sunday 10-14-12
Saturdays weather was very good overcast and flat calm but  it was a much different story on Sunday
On Sunday the wind was howling 40 to 50 knots and the rain was pounding down. It was hard to decide if the sheets of blowing salt water or the pouring rain were worse, but one thing’s for sure It was some of the most difficult conditions I have ever salmon fished in.  Even with the poor conditions on Sunday  there  were still plenty of willing biters and we did not have any problem catching our limits
The overall fishing this weekend  was very  good . We had very fast action on midsized silvers
The fish were spread out all over the water column we caught fish from the surface down to about 400 feet
We had our  best  results on Herring, buck tails, hoochies and the ace hi fly but I am sure that many other lures would have worked also.


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