Monday, July 14, 2014

Neah Bay Kings 7-13-14

 Chuck G, Corey B, Trevor Z, and myself fished  out of Neah bay this weekend.
The overall weather conditions were good. Small swell, long period, and not much wind, but fog was an issue all weekend.The  trolling conditions were very tough this weekend especially at Swiftsure. The wind, current, and swells were all moving different directions which made tolling in a straight line very difficult. It seemed like the large moon and strong tides  were really effecting the fish also. We had smoking hot fishing for  nice kings for a couple hours and then nothing for the next several hours. It was some of the fasted king fishing I have seen fallowed by some of the slowest fishing I have seen!There was a large batch of big kings outside of shark fin but the fishing in that area was very inconsistent, our best depth on the riggers was 360 feet in that area.
The king  fishing on swiftsure was much more consistent with most of the better anglers picking up easy limits but the average size was much smaller than the fish in other areas. We had our best results at swiftsure running 150 to 220 on the riggers with flasher and hoochies.
we also found some time to get a bunch of rockfish and a few lings.



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