Monday, August 15, 2011

westport 8-13-11 & 8-14-11 kings lings tuna and more

I fished Westport on Saturday and Sunday august 13 and 14. The fishing was great!
I  could not have ask for better weather. Not to hot, not too cold and flat calm!
We had a five man crew both days. I was joined this weekend by Scott P,  Don C, Jason A, Matt S and Sean J.
We started off salmon fishing Saturday morning  and fishing was awesome! we had fast  action on  big kings
It was big king after big king  and we were a able to easily limit on them.
Next  it was on to lingcod.  The lings were really on the bite! we were able to jig up quick limits of nice lings in no time.
With time left in the day and flat water we pointed the boat south west and were on the hunt for  tuna.
It did not  take us long  to find a  nice  patch of 64 deg blue water  with jumping bait. we worked that area till we ran out of time and were able   to hook a dozen  tuna on a mix of swim baits, live bait and x-raps. The darker colors seemed to be working best.
On Sunday it was back after the salmon but with a new set of rules, only one  king.
Sunday's salmon fishing was much slower but still good. We were able to troll up our limits of both nice kings and silvers but unfortunately we did not have enough time left for tuna so we did a little recon on some new bottom fish holes. We found a massive school of yellow tail  that was so thick that we could not drop throw it without catching fish. the school was over.3 miles long . it was the biggest school of rock fish I have ever seen.
With 50 yellow tail in the the boat we were back after the lings. We scratch around a bit before we hit the right drift and limited with a good batch of lings.
My over all feel for this weekend was the king fishing was very good and there were some massive kings being caught.  Most of our salmon were caught in the top 60 feet on hoochies and  herring. The largest salmon that I herd of and was able to confirm  at the dock  was 49 pounds. Silver fishing was slow but there were a few hatchery silvers around if you were willing to work at it.
The bottom fishing was great and the tuna fishing was slow to ok. Can’t wait to hear about more of those big kings!

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