Monday, August 22, 2011

Ilwaco tuna & Westport salmon / bottom fish 8-21-11

I fished ilwaco on Saturday  8-20-11 and Westport on Sunday 8-21-11
We had a five man crew both days I was joined by Chuck G, Scott P, ROB S, Tom W, and Pete
On Saturday the conditions were very poor!  Windy and  very rough!  we worked our way 55nm south west and found a nice little patch of fish. we hooked 10 and landed 8 tuna  all on the troll. Due to the conditions it was almost imposable to fish with live bait. And due to our slow run speed back up hill we had to leave  the prime area just shortly after arriving there. I have no doubt that we could have loaded our boxes if conditions would have been better.

On Sunday we headed to Westport. The water was flat calm but it was very foggy most of the day. the salmon fishing was a little on the slow side but there were still a few nice fish around.
we worked hard and scrached up our limits of 10 salmon . We had our best results straight out in 400 feet of water with 120 feet of wire out  on the riggers. We also were able to jig up our limits of lingcod and a very nice batch of yellow tail rock fish

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