Monday, November 14, 2011

Humptulips Kings 11-12-11 & 11-13-11

I fished the Humptulips with Matt S  on Saturday and Sunday
The river rose form 650 to just over 1,000 Friday night and slowly made its way back down to 900 at 1pm  on Saturday before rocketing back up to 1,500 Saturday night and slowly dropping back  down to 1,200 by the end of the day on Sunday.
The river was threatening to blow out all weekend,  but never did.  Our visibility ranged from 1 to 3 feet but as a whole it was pretty good. A massive amount of leaves in the river  made  fishing a bit difficult but not imposable.
The weather  started out ok  but turned  downright nasty the second half of the day on Saturday .  The nonstop   rain and 30+ mph winds made handling the boat and lines very challenging at times.
Although there did not seen to be that many fish in the the river we  had some wide open smoking hot fishing at times and were able to catch several nice kings including a few doubles. We were also able to scratch up a couple  silvers and a few chum. We did our best with eggs this weekend but  were also able to catch a few on jigs
The overall  feel for this weekend was that the fishing was very slow for most people and there were hardly any fish rolling or moving in the river but there were definitely fish to catch for those willing to work at it.   The kings and silvers were about 50% bright and 50% dark.  Most of the chums have disappeared and 90% of what are left are in poor condition although we did catch a couple bright ones.
I expect the fishing to continue to  get slower in the next few weeks.

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