Monday, November 7, 2011

Humptulips Kings, Silvers, & Chum 11-6-11

I fished the Humtulips  with Cory B on Saturday 11-5-11 and Sunday 11-6-11
The fishing was good but not great.
The overall  fishing conditions were good. The temp in the mornings were near freezing but it warmed  a bit in the afternoons. The river was slowly  dropping from 850 to 750 this weekend   and had about 6 feet of vis.
There are a ton of chum  spread out throw the whole  river,  we hooked several bright ones each day. We had to work  for both our kings and silvers but were able to scrape up a good number of both this weekend. I was very happy with our results given the slow tone to the river this weekend.
The ration on both the kings and silver seemed to be about 40 % bright and about 60% dark
The overall feel on the river was  that the king fishing was slow and may be winding down for the year. The silver  fishing was a little better than I had seen in the last few weeks but still not great and probably will not be till we get some more rain.
We  had our best results on a combination  of eggs  and jigs .

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