Monday, May 14, 2012

Neah bay halibut and bottom fish 5-10-12 to 5-13-12

It was great to see so many nice  friendly people up at  Neah bay again this weekend!
I was joined  this week by my dad Chuck G, Dave B, Steve B, and Jason A
The  weather this week was good but  it  did get quite rough  on Sunday.
The overall   fishing was good this week  we were able to catch nice batches of halibut, lingcod, and rock fish  but we saw a  bit of everything this trip.
At times we had smoking hot fishing and at others it was dead slow but most of our fish were caught at a medium pace.
We fished hard  all week and were able to find some  very nice fish, I was very happy with the average size of our halibut
we had great results on  both  jigs and bait  but bait seemed to be best when the bite got slow.


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