Monday, May 7, 2012

Westport Halibut & lingcod 5-6-12

We had a four man crew at Westport this weekend: Mike L, Eric C, Cory B, and myself.
We had sunny skies  and flat water most of the day, but  we did find some fog in the morning and a rough bar on our  way back in.
We had a good day of fishing. We limited on both halibut and lingcod and were also able to catch a few other bottom fish, sable fish & rock fish.
The overall fishing was very good we had fast action on nice lings, on a combination of jigs and grubs in the morning, but were not able to find the halibut in good numbers till late in the day.
We had our best results  for halibut using herring.

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  1. Awesome report Todd. We did okay but need those electrics to weed through the chickens. Our big fish taped out at 39lbs.