Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hoh Hatchery steelhead

I fished the Hoh on Saturday 12-17-11 and  Sunday 12-18-11
On Saturday I was joined by Greg M, and Joe Q . 
On Sunday I was accompanied by Roger S
Our overall weather and water  conditions were very good. The river was very low,  near 900 on Saturday and  1,000 on Sunday after a small batch of rain late Saturday night.  The river color was a milky green / white  and the  visibility was about 18 inches.
The overall fishing was very good we hooked 16 steelhead, 1 ocean bright Coho and A few dollies
We had our best results while drift fishing and free drifting, but  we also caught a few while fishing bobber and jigs.
The river felt very fishy this weekend. We saw several other fish caught,  and most anglers we talked to  were  also doing very  well. I expect the hatchery steelhead fishing  on the Hoh will continue to be good as long as these low water conditions last.


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