Monday, December 5, 2011

Humptulips steelhead & silvers 12-3-11

I fished the Humptulips  with Rob S on Sunday 12-3-11
The overall weather and river conditions were excellent
The river was near 1,100  and slowly dropping with 3.5 feet of vis and a nice steelhead green color.
We had steady action most of the day on a mix of both ocean bright and dark, silvers and steelhead.
We hooked most of our silvers twitching jigs and most of our steelhead on bobbers and jigs, but we also had some action on both eggs and sand  shrimp.
My overall feel for the weekend was that there were a fair number of both bright and dark silvers spread throw the river and a few steelhead for those willing to work at it.


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