Monday, December 12, 2011

Small stream silvers and steelhead

Matt and I fished one of the small coastal streams on
Saturday and Sunday 12-10-11  &  12-11-11
Unfortunately due to a camera mishap there will not be any pictures this report
The Overall weather conditions were very good this weekend, but the lack of rain in the last week made for very  low river levels.  The fishing was very good this weekend we hooked 10  steelhead and 12 silvers. The Steelhead were all very bright and the  silvers were 50% ocean bright and 50% dark, their just did not seem to be anything in between.
We caught all of our fish  on a combination of jigs,  with and without bobbers.
The overall feel for the weekend was that there was a good number of both steelhead and silvers in the river and I would expect  the fishing to continue to be good in the near future but it would be a big plus if we could get a little bit of rain.

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