Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ilwaco halibut and salmon

We had a four man crew at Ilwaco on Saturday 6-23-12
Ed T, Brad M, Darryl B and myself.
The weather and water conditions were very good on Saturday  no wind and no swell!
We started the morning halibut fishing and I was happy to find that the fishing  was better than I had expected.
Although the currents were very difficult to deal with and  were causing our lines to go all over the place it did not take us long to catch our limits of nice sized halibut .
After a quick gear change    we were on the hunt for salmon.
The flat water  and clear conditions allowed us to search a ton of ground in a hurry.  It did not take us long to find a large flock of birds pounding on  bait.
We dropped our gear in and found plenty of  willing bitters . We had no problems trolling up our limits of both Chinook and Coho but  we were not able to find any of the giants we were hoping for.

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