Monday, June 4, 2012

Neah Bay halibut & lings May 31 - june 2

Wow another great week of bottom fishing up a Neah bay !
I was joined by Aaron L, Mark H, and  Rob L
The overall weather was good this weekend but the wind did kick up a bit at times
The fish really  seemed to be on the biting  this weekend
We had great results on just about everything  we sent down  jigs, grubs, bait, darts, twin tails  and anything else we could think of.
We fished hard all four days and were able to catch some  trophy class fish
A special thanks to all the people at Big Salmon and the rest of Neah bay for  the great hospitality which made a great trip even better.
It looks like it's time to dust off my salmon gear.

The wolf eel was released unharmed the rest of the fish were not so lucky


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