Monday, June 18, 2012

Westport Salmon

We had a four man crew at Westport on Sunday 6-17-12
When we launch the boat in the morning there were more boats pulling out then putting in which is never a good sign.
The word  on shore was that the fishing had been slow on Saturday and with a poor weather forecast  for Sunday many people were heading home.
We launched the boat and headed out. The weather was not perfect. Windy,  rainy, choppy but very fishable. We did have a  very rough  bar on our way back in later in the day
We found a nice batch of fish in 50 to 60  feet of water  and had very fast fishing on mid sized Chinook. we were able to easily limit on hatchery Chinook.
Hoochies,  fresh herring, and spoons  all worked very well for us .

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