Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Clearwater 12-11-2010

Eric and I headed east in hopes of out running the rain, and it worked!
We fished the Clearwater near Orofino Saturday and Sunday Dec 11th and 12th

The weather conditions were good and there was quite a bit of pressure on the river.  The water  at Orofino was near 3,000cfs  and stable on Saturday and on the rise Sunday afternoon with about 5 feet of vis.  Most of the fishable hours were dry but it rained both Saturday and Sunday nights and temps ranged from  the low 30’s to mid 40’s.  We hooked 12 steelhead and landed 9 most of our fish we very large(in the upper teens)but we had  a few smaller ones mixed in.  We caught  about half of our fish free drifting and the other half on jig and bobber.  The fishing appeared to be very good for most people on Saturday but slowed considerably on Sunday

With most  of the rivers in the Northwest running high and more rain in the forecast it may be difficult to find  good fishing conditions this week.  (A big thanks to Will and Christian Bakken for letting me and Eric use their boat while mine was being worked on, thanks guy! )

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