Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Westport 9-11,9-12-2010

We fished Westport on Saturday  the 11th and Sunday the 12th 

Saturday the water was flat. We got 23 tuna  but had to work very hard for them. Most of our fish came on live bait but the fish were very finicky.

We had many fish that would pick up our baits and then just let go. It seemed like they just were not very hungry.

On Sunday we returned to the same area we had got the tuna the day before but the fishing was much slower the water had been 59.5 the day before and was  57.0 in that area on Sunday. It feels like tuna season is  coming to a end. After a slow morning of tuna fishing we ran in for some salmon. The salmon fishing was very good off  Willapa in 300 to 330 feet of water. There are a ton are large wild silvers out there with some large hatchery silvers mixed in. 

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