Monday, June 13, 2011

Rufus Woods june 11 & 12 2011

Cory and I fished Rufus woods on Saturday and Sunday June  11th and 12th.  
 What a great weekend! The weather was great and the fishing was amazing.
Grand Coulee Dam was spilling a ton of water into Rufus woods so
The water  at Rufus was very high and the current was much faster than normal but  it was some of the best trout fishing that I have ever seen!
It was non-stop action! Fish after fish after fish  and the average size was huge. The fishing was so good that if I missed a fish more times than not I would get another  bite before I would get the gear  back to the  boat to recast. Most of the fish were 4 to 8 pounds with a few smaller ones and and the occasional 10+ pounder being caught. It was common to go several casts in a row hooking a fish on each cast. it was so good that even a bear stopped by to check out the action.  We had our best results on a combination of spinners, plugs, and jigs but there were many different techniques catching fish

Grand Coulee Dan spilling a ton of water into Rufus woods

A perfect day on the water

Cory with a nice one

A bear checking things out

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