Wednesday, June 1, 2011

IIwaco 8-15, 8-16-2010

We fished Ilwaco on Saturday 8-15-10 and Sunday 8-16-10 we had a four man crew both days .The fishing was great and you could not have asked for better weather!

The water was very calm both days and very little wind most of the weekend. On Saturday we were all alone but the temp looked good and the water color looked great. We started by picking up and few on the  troll and  a couple on live bait. We had a hand full of fish in the boat when we turned one of our troll fish into a wide open bite. The fish were coming over the rail and the boat was filling up fast but somewhere around 35 fish into our stop the wind had blown us off the school. We took a few minutes to clear the deck and regroup.   We set our troll gear  back out but  only made it about 100yards and hook up! we went back to work on the live bait and it was game on again! We  were crushing them!!!!  We  lost the school at  11:30 AM ( we had been on the fish for about 3 hour) and by this time our bait  was severely depleted.   We went back on the troll and picked and  up a few singles but were not able to get another bait stop going. We ended the day with 54 tuna in the box. Wow what a day!

On Sunday we switched boats  and swapped out two of our crew members for two fresh ones. We headed back to the same  area  from the day before and after about 30 minutes we hooked our first fish on the troll. We went to the live bait and all four of us were hooked up. The bite was on!!!!   We kept the bite going for 7 hours!

BY this point we were out of bait, out of ice, and out of room.

Even after we were out of bait we made a few casts with the swim baits  just to see if they would work and it was instant hook ups. We left biting fish a little after 2pm  to head for the dock our total count was 62 tuna and our motors were  struggling on the way in.  It was a perfect day on the water! One fish on the troll and never fired to motor again till it was time to head  home.

Total count for the weekend was 116 tuna landed biggest was 33 pounds and countless hook ups.

 A special thanks to the guys in the stratus  fishing near us on Sunday for staying well clear of our bait stop and allowing us to have an epic day ( I know it is hard to do). For those of you that do not know, approaching  a boat or entering the radius of  a boat on a  bait  stop is very bad  edict and will often send the fish down.

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