Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Neah Bay 5-12, 5-13-2011

Dave ,Chuck, Jason and I fished  Neah bay Thursday May 12  through Sunday may 15th

The weather was horrible on Thursday we picked our way  out and the further we got out the worse the weather got. 7 foot wind waves and howling winds were at our fishing  hole to greet us when we arrived. Luckily although the weather was carp the fishing was good it did not take us long to catch our limits of halibut and nice lings before settling in for the slow ride back in.

Once back near shore things were much nicer so we stopped and picked up our limits of rock fish to finish off the day

With Friday came much better weather conditions but when we arrived on our spot we found much slower fishing we fished hard all morning  with only mediocre results, But by late afternoon the bite really came on and we were able to end the day with limits of rock fish and nice lings our biggest  lings were 28 and 25 pounds. Our prospects for Saturday were looking great. After the  fast fishing we had Friday night  we figure it would be very easy to catch our fish Saturday so were started the morning in the straits looking for some big boys but after a couple hours with only one strike and no fish in the box we headed off shore expecting it to be red hot and it was “just before we got there” but buy the time we showed up it was dead. Tons of boats and no one hooking up. Realizing that it was not going to be the slam dunk that we thought  it would ,we fished hard and were able to grind out our limits of lings and halibut and  were even able to find a couple of the larger models.

On Sunday morning the water was flat calm so we headed off shore for the fourth day in a row and were greeted with quick limits on medium sized lings.

It was a good weekend of fishing and it is always fun to see so many people I know up at Neah bay.

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