Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grande Ronde 11-20,11-21-2010

Jason and I fished the Grande Ronde Saturday and Sunday 11-20-10 & 11-21-10

The weather was cold and dry most of the weekend  but much better than I had expected.  The river was at 1,100cfs and slowly dropping with around 4 to 5 feet of vis (perfect conditions).  The river was ice free but with the super cold temps over the next few days the ice may become an issue.  We hooked 28 steelhead in two days on a combination of jigs, drift gear and plugs.  Although we had great fishing this weekend most of the people we talked to were struggling and the general consensus was the fishing was very slow over all. We did not see another steelhead hooked all weekend.  The snow started falling very heavily as  we loading up to head home and didn’t let up for the next 3 hours.

Near white out conditions and very icy roads  made what should have been a boring 7 hour drive home  an exciting 8 ½ hour  slide home but it was worth it!

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