Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I just got back from my first long range Tuna trip wow what a trip!

My trip started with a short trip to the sea tac airport where I caught a flight to San Diego and then a short cab ride to  the American ANGLER  office

Located at point Loma  sport fishing building at the marina. After a quick check in we began loading up our gear and we were soon one our way. This was no ordinary trip the trip has been scheduled  as 4 days of travel and 6 days of fishing on the lower banks near Mag bay but due to colder than normal water temps the fish had not been holding in this area so we had been notified that we would not be heading there and instead would be heading 1,000 miles south of San Diego  near a place called THE BUFFER ZONE. Now we were going to be traveling 7 ½ days and only fishing 3 ½ days. This applied add pressure to the caption and crew to put us on the  Fish in a very short amount of time and they did not disappoint.

In our 3  ½ days of fishing we caught 109 yellow fin tuna  and most of them were over 100 pound. With lots of them in the 160 to 180 pound range.

Every angler on the boat caught at least one tuna over 100 pounds and four lucky anglers had fish over 200 pounds. Our four biggest fish were 287, 247,210, and 206. The crew of the American angler was the best I had ever fished with.  Our caption Brian  was by far the best I have ever seen. His laid back but still hard core never quit attitude was impressive to say the least. Not one time in my 11 days on the boat did I see the caption or crew get upset or raise their voice to anyone on the boat. not only was it great fishing it was also a great time. I  highly recommend  that you  book and trip on the American Angler. 

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