Wednesday, June 1, 2011

La Push 10-3-2010

We Fished La Push on Saturday Gray’s Harbor on Sunday. We had a four man crew Dave, Brad, Mike and myself.

The  weather was great and the ocean was flat but the bar got very  rough in the evening. 

Although the fishing was slower then I had expected we were still able to catch our limits of lingcod, rockfish and a few blackcod. 

Our lings were very nice sized three of them were over 30 pounds and our biggest was 41pounds.

After seeing the bar Saturday evening and  conditions were expected to worsen  overnight  we  were betting the bar was going to be closed on Sunday. We headed to Westport in hope hopes of making it out on the ocean on Sunday but as we expected the bar was closed so we fished Gray’s harbor. The fishing was very slow but  we worked hard and ended the day 3 for 6 with all three of our fish being nice big silvers.

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